Friday, June 27, 2008

yeah, yeah, yeah

i know. i disappeared.

school got the better of me. but i'm going on vacation today, so now i'll REALLY disappear for an ENTIRE WEEK! yay beach!

dear god, i need this. a week of sleep. a week of no stress. a week of no homework. a week of sunshine and sand and water and family.

leaving today after class (2:30 ish) and not coming back until NEXT saturday.


Thursday, June 05, 2008


i have a whopping 12.8 hours in my vacation time fund! yay! (backstory: when i started, christmas was a month later and they forced us to use three days of vacation during the week of christmas--THAT I DIDN'T HAVE YET--so i basically started off in the hole. sigh).


y'all remember that class this summer? the one that the prof said would be less work than structures II? yeah, well, so far that has been a lie. the work may be easier, but it is more time consuming and I CAN'T DO IT AT HOME because the student version of GTSTRUDL won't allow for enough nodes/members. so i'm a little peeved. and stressed. i WILL NOT be taking another summer class at tech. ever.

in some ways, life is CRAWLING. in others, it's speeding by like a freight train in the middle of nowhere. i can't keep up, yet i feel like i'm incessantly waiting on or trying to achieve something. i cannot, cannot WAIT to ONLY be working again. only a year and a half. sigh.

good things:
i cooked the past two nights because the most awesome person on the planet (caleb) braved my dishes. grin. i love and miss cooking. i made steaks last night (in a pan!) and they were pretty darn amazing, if i do say so myself. it was the first time i've ever cooked steak, period. yay me! cooking for a few days always makes me feel so much better...but usually, eventually, the pain of my kitchen starts getting to me. but hey, i learned something about myself: however small the place i live, i NEED a decent-sized, functional kitchen. and a separate bedroom/living room.

i'm pretending that my apartment is a cute little place in a foreign city and i'm on vacation. it's helping a little. every little bit helps.

i still love love love my really short hair. even curly it's decent looking, and it's SOOOOOOOO much easier. :)

still liking my job. :)

and really, y'all. i just want to be at the beach. for about three weeks. :/