Tuesday, December 19, 2006



i'm sitting in the den, no lights on...just the glow of the christmas tree with a pile of presents underneath. drinking egg nog (i like mayfield better than the soco brand, but soco is all we have at the moment. and no, there's no alcohol in it) and enjoying the christmasy feeling. probably going to bed soon, but for now i like this feeling. i might watch the grinch in a little bit, or maybe garfield christmas.

done with all my shopping, 'cept for one thing for david and one thing for amie. and one more thing for caleb...

Monday, December 18, 2006


well. it's over. i can BREATHE again. i graduated....wow. that sounds so fake lol. I'm REALLY AN ENGINEER. i think i grew about six inches taller after i turned in my last paper (note: i did manage to refrain from skipping up the steps and into the history building to turn it in...BUT JUST BARELY). the weight on my shoulders is finally gone.

graduation weekend was AWESOME. lots of family, caleb....good times. (however, i am not getting that drunk again for another seven years).

i feel so loved, by so many people. that makes me smile. and now i can focus on christmas--shopping, cookies, christmas lights, but most of all an excuse to spend an exorbitant amount of time with the people i love the most eating junk food, talking, playing, and hanging out.

christmas, to me, is a lot of things:
-extra days off to spend with family
-an excuse to eat a lot
-an excuse to spend a lot of time with the people who love you most
-a time to get all excited about the gifts you give people and (hopefully) how much they're gonna LOVE them
-a time to watch the ORIGINAL grinch, charlie brown christmas, garfield christmas, muppet christmas, claymation christmas, etc...while snuggling. grin.
-the only time of year there's egg nog widely available for frogs (a wonderful frozen drink made up by me, cindy, and angela--complete with green sugar-rimmed glass and little semi sweet chocolates for eyes)
-sweaters and blankets and snuggling and cocoa (or frogs, or hot chocolate) and chocolate and cookies by the light of the christmas tree and fire
-infectious christmas cheer (ok, well, I'M cheerful. whether it's infectious or not to other people is irrelevant).
-mostly, christmas, to me, is about the rest of the world backing off and allowing for time to show how much you love people by spending time with them (and it's even better that it involves lots of dessert food, beautiful christmas lights and christmas trees, and gifts)...i wish we had more than just summer vacation and christmas to see our families for nearly a week straight.

i still don't think i came close to the depth and breadth of what christmas means to me...it's my favorite holiday, but not because of presents. I think because it's like thanksgiving, but the world lets it last a little longer.

my goal is to make this the best christmas ever--i have so much to be happy about. mom's got a kidney and she's doing better every day; i get to see caleb a lot for the next ten days; and i finally graduated and can start making real money and not having a job, school and homework to worry about.

gonna go recipe-crazy on y'all soon. peanut butter balls, christmas cookies, frogs, oh yeah. you just wait.

Monday, December 11, 2006


school sucks. this week sucks. i can't wait TO BE DONE.

still left to go:
project, due tomorrow at 12 pm
poster for above project, due same time
powerpoint for project, to be presented between 12 and 3 pm tomorrow

history final at 7 pm tomorrow

then, on thursday:
take home final for hydrology + four homework assignments, due 11 am
ten page paper for history, due 5 pm.

THEN i can go home and clean my house for all the people that are coming to see me graduate, assuming that i am still actually graduating... :/

but wednesday night, i'm taking a break. a much needed, long awaited, break. it will involve much fun and excitement; i can't wait...

i'm so close, but so far away...the light at the end of the tunnel gleams a little brighter, but still flickering as if it might go away.

i think i'm gonna sign up for a pottery class on tuesday nights from january to march...

ACK! i just remembered i have to send in my tech application like NOW.....well ok by the middle of the week. sigh. i wonder if i'll even get accepted.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

for all that was, and may never be again

i'm praying for y'all

"december promise you gave unto me
december whispers of treachery
december clouds are now covering me
december songs i no longer sing"
i have many many thoughts on this subject, but since i can't say anything nice, i won't say anything at all.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm DRUNK off nyquil!!!!

and it's a glorious evening...lol.

i am totally drunk off nyquil at the moment (so much so that i had to repeat myself, didn't i already say that in the title?) and i just had pasta with vodka sauce (pre bottled, not really alcoholic) and crescent rolls DROWNED in butter, so i'm feeling really freaking great right now.

my antibiotics are kicking in, no more painful tonsils...gotta keep it up though.

the people at work...wait, lemme start over. i took all the work people out to lunch today (because i'm apparently making the big bucks now lol), and it was GREAT. they have this thing where they make fun of my "hog farming" degree (because it says agricultural engineering, and because i heart bacon). so anyway, they gave me presents cause it was my last lunch with them (cept they're coming thurs but no one knew till today, so there's still one more). the presents? they were BACON presents. i got a bacon wallet (looks like raw bacon pic on the outside), pork skins, bacon sticker luggage tags, a "wwbd?" spinner (what would bacon do?) which i am going to freaking hang on my kitchen wall, and a bacon car air freshener. i'll have to find somewhere to put that; i like new car smell better lol. i'll post pictures of all the bacon stuff at some point but right now i am not moving, it would take too much effort. going to crash from the nyquil.

BACON!!!!! (makin me hungry)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

random stuff

friend: "she's gonna lose her babies"

me: "not to him!"

friend: "HE doesn't go around flashing his cooter"

regarding britney and k-fed's custody issues...