Sunday, October 29, 2006

layin' around

trying to work up motivation for schoolwork. i cleaned my house this weekend--i think it's time for me to live alone for a little while.

also, apparently narnia doesn't recognize ewok now because ewok went to the vet. my cat is such a colossal bitch sometimes, and unreasonable to boot. i threw her in the bathroom with her own litterbox, food, and water so she can think about what a bitch she's being. unfortunately i think she liked it. sigh.

anyone need a cat? i have a really cute, sweet one that narnia and ewok don't like much, but he's ok with them. he's not big on dogs though. his name's Link. i think they don't like him cause i originally thought he was a she, and introduced them all before he was neutered. THAT was interesting. then a couple months later i thought she (really he) had a humongous dingleberry and went to dislodge it from "her" fur and realized that wasn't a dingleberry. oops. in my defense, however, the vet didn't notice he was a he the first time i took "her" to the vet either, so i don't feel quite so stupid.

i addressed most of my graduation invitations yesterday. i have to call my mom and get the rest of the addresses today and mail them out. it still hasn't hit me that i'm graduating yet; still feels like i'm stuck in an endless cycle of ridiculous homework assignments that don't apply to the real world; still feels like i'm jumping through an endless array of hoops.

melissa (my sister) and i went house hunting yesterday, and that was a lot of fun, and actually made me a little bit excited. the last one we went to was really really cute, but i think i'm leaning more toward a townhouse. (i know it will be harder to resell, but that area should grow by leaps and bounds in the next four years--it's on the fringe of gwinnett county).

however, if i end up getting a house, this one was awesome. it's a split level, very well taken care of, beautiful yard, etc. the only things that might not be the best for me are:
-small closets
-not much storage in the bathroom cabinet
-no shower in the master bath, garden tub only, and only one sink (along with the teeny cabinet)
-small closets
-big yard, which might be difficult for me to keep up while i'm getting a master's degree and working.
-laundry closet, not room.
-really small bedrooms
(it sounds bad, with all those negatives--maybe it's not as awesome as i thought. i think it'd be better for a couple, or maybe a couple with one small child).

i guess i've got a while though; i don't start working full time until january, though i will be working part time for them on fridays until then.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


i took the deer head job. and i negotiated, and they came up to $26/hour instead of 25. :)

yay! i have a real job now!
...unfortunately this is gonna make it REALLY hard to concentrate on classes and do schoolwork. :/

now melissa's looking for me a house in Auburn. (GA)

Monday, October 23, 2006

slightly bummed, but it's really ok

well. didn't get the job i really wanted (apparently they don't feel that uga's education is "sufficient" for the type of work they do). i'll show them--i'll get my master's degree, be really freaking smart, and then go to work for a competing company who freaking believes in my education. i'm sorry, but working my ass off for the last four and a half years to hear someone say that is worse than a slap in the face. crotchety old people. hmph.

now, in retrospect, it's ok. BECAUSE I'M GONNA MAKE AT LEAST 12,000 MORE PER YEAR THIS WAY. i just have to not live close to my family. for a while anyway. and not live close to tech, where i have to get my master's degree (but closer than athens, anyway).

so i told my sister to find me a little cute cheap house/townhome/condo somewhere between the perimeter and my work. and i have to send the deer head firm (now more of a loving moniker) a counteroffer and see if we can up the ante a little. more vacation would be great, since they only offer a week and everyone else offers two weeks...more on that later.

gotta go finish my paper for history.

Friday, October 20, 2006


so it's either "third time's the charm" or "three strikes i'm out." i e-mailed that firm i really wanna work for today (it's the third time i've contacted them since my interview three weeks ago) and re-iterated my interest (hopefully without going overboard). so now i'm nervous.

wish me luck...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


bout to go to sleep. worrying, stressing, etc.

i have to work on school stuff all day tomorrow, and part of me is afraid that it won't even make a dent in the amount of work i have to do. no interview tomorrow, and i still haven't heard from the company that i want to hear from.

i just want to rest. just for a little while, without having to stress over school, or work, or anything else that i routinely stress about.

feeling sort of alone.

Monday, October 16, 2006


so, to update:

i've gotten two offers so far, but the company i really wanna work at hasn't called me back yet.

deer head company is best offer... :/

have too much crap to do and not enough time to do did taking 12 hours go from the breeze i thought it'd be to the hell that it is?? i've never had less than 15 before; i should be able to do this. but i'm not. sigh.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

my birthday is the SHIT!

i have been celebrating my birthday for 3 and a half weeks now, and it's been GREAT. first was dinner with the fam at Sam and Rosco's the week before my bday. then the week of my bday, caleb and i went to provino's (we were going to see jackass but postponed it) , mom and melissa and i went to a concert on my birthday (saturday), and mom made all my favorite foods on sunday and a cake. lots of family and caleb time, which was awesome. then this past weekend we went to the fair in perry and i (sorta) celebrated my birthday with my aunts and grandparents. the fair was awesome, and i even think maybe caleb might not have hated it as much as he usually does (i will not go so far as to say he enjoyed it, but we did have a lot of fun). THEN on sunday, lindsey and i went to red lobster and to get pedicures...that was nice. i haven't seen lindsey in FOREVER and it was wonderful to catch up. THEN, my professors decided to have mercy and postpone stuff, god only knows why but it was the break i desperately needed (now my 8-10 page paper is due oct 25th), so jennifer and i went to inoko's last night for dinner. the chef made the volcanic onion JUST FOR ME and then i got to blow it out after i made a wish. the wait staff sang and stuff and they gave me a cute little piece of cake and some really cool decorative chopsticks. and the people sitting at our table were freaking awesome; the couple next to us were a vet student and an engineer (who recommended relatively cheap, safe apartments close to tech in case i decide to go that route) and the guy on the other end of the table gave me a coupon for a free bag of cat food (he worked for nutro).

all in all, the three weeks that i've celebrated have been wonderful (except for school related stress). i've had interviews, professors have been ok with moving stuff back, got to celebrate with this will definitely be a birthday year to remember.

waiting in suspense till friday, to see if i get the job offer from the company that i really wanna work for. cross your fingers.

Monday, October 09, 2006

and i thought two weeks ago was bad

so this week i have a lot of stuff due, including an 8-10 page paper on the french/haitian revolutions and how they're related and what we can conclude from that. quite frankly, i could care less about how they're related and what i can conclude--i just want to graduate. something tells me my paper probably won't be the best in the class.

i'm also taking the GRE november 8th. and i probably need to study. sigh.

on a better note, my interview on friday went well (i think) and i'm REALLY hoping they give me an offer this friday (they said they'd call me in one week either way). so now i have to get into grad school at tech (!); find somewhere to live by the time i START grad school so i don't have to commute from c'ton, work, go to school, then commute home; and hope and pray they give me an offer.

i'm looking to live anywhere between c'ton and downtown (downtown would be a LOT easier but a LOT more expensive) in a cheap apartment WITHOUT a roommate. no more conflicts with my clutter and other people's various issues. i'll prolly try for graduate housing at tech, but i'm not sure i can do that if i'm not taking a full load of classes.

all this has to happen while accomplishing my schoolwork. i'm not sure what i was thinking, taking finite elements. in some ways i wish i hadn't, but in some ways it's pretty cool. i just wish our freaking computer lab was accessible 24-7 instead of puny hours and virtually none on weekends. maybe i'll start a petition. ;)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

getting back in the groove

i had almost let myself forget what it was like spending 12 hours a day at school and work. too bad i'm getting a harsh reminder these last few weeks, and there's no end in sight. :(

i have yet another interview friday (but this one's an exciting one). then i have lunch with ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) so i can network and find some structural engineers (a lot of them are members) who want to hire me. and pay me.

apparently, i'm worth a lot of money (of course, to me anything is a lot of money since i don't freaking make any, but this really IS a lot of money). who'd have thought??

i am freaking exhausted, and i have to be at driftmier at the ass crack of dawn so dr. thompson can help me with that stupid computer program. :/ then it's home tomorrow night, interview and lunch friday, unadilla friday, fair friday night or saturday or both, home sunday, back to athens sunday to spend lots of time in the computer lab.

going to bed now.