Sunday, October 29, 2006

layin' around

trying to work up motivation for schoolwork. i cleaned my house this weekend--i think it's time for me to live alone for a little while.

also, apparently narnia doesn't recognize ewok now because ewok went to the vet. my cat is such a colossal bitch sometimes, and unreasonable to boot. i threw her in the bathroom with her own litterbox, food, and water so she can think about what a bitch she's being. unfortunately i think she liked it. sigh.

anyone need a cat? i have a really cute, sweet one that narnia and ewok don't like much, but he's ok with them. he's not big on dogs though. his name's Link. i think they don't like him cause i originally thought he was a she, and introduced them all before he was neutered. THAT was interesting. then a couple months later i thought she (really he) had a humongous dingleberry and went to dislodge it from "her" fur and realized that wasn't a dingleberry. oops. in my defense, however, the vet didn't notice he was a he the first time i took "her" to the vet either, so i don't feel quite so stupid.

i addressed most of my graduation invitations yesterday. i have to call my mom and get the rest of the addresses today and mail them out. it still hasn't hit me that i'm graduating yet; still feels like i'm stuck in an endless cycle of ridiculous homework assignments that don't apply to the real world; still feels like i'm jumping through an endless array of hoops.

melissa (my sister) and i went house hunting yesterday, and that was a lot of fun, and actually made me a little bit excited. the last one we went to was really really cute, but i think i'm leaning more toward a townhouse. (i know it will be harder to resell, but that area should grow by leaps and bounds in the next four years--it's on the fringe of gwinnett county).

however, if i end up getting a house, this one was awesome. it's a split level, very well taken care of, beautiful yard, etc. the only things that might not be the best for me are:
-small closets
-not much storage in the bathroom cabinet
-no shower in the master bath, garden tub only, and only one sink (along with the teeny cabinet)
-small closets
-big yard, which might be difficult for me to keep up while i'm getting a master's degree and working.
-laundry closet, not room.
-really small bedrooms
(it sounds bad, with all those negatives--maybe it's not as awesome as i thought. i think it'd be better for a couple, or maybe a couple with one small child).

i guess i've got a while though; i don't start working full time until january, though i will be working part time for them on fridays until then.

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