Monday, October 23, 2006

slightly bummed, but it's really ok

well. didn't get the job i really wanted (apparently they don't feel that uga's education is "sufficient" for the type of work they do). i'll show them--i'll get my master's degree, be really freaking smart, and then go to work for a competing company who freaking believes in my education. i'm sorry, but working my ass off for the last four and a half years to hear someone say that is worse than a slap in the face. crotchety old people. hmph.

now, in retrospect, it's ok. BECAUSE I'M GONNA MAKE AT LEAST 12,000 MORE PER YEAR THIS WAY. i just have to not live close to my family. for a while anyway. and not live close to tech, where i have to get my master's degree (but closer than athens, anyway).

so i told my sister to find me a little cute cheap house/townhome/condo somewhere between the perimeter and my work. and i have to send the deer head firm (now more of a loving moniker) a counteroffer and see if we can up the ante a little. more vacation would be great, since they only offer a week and everyone else offers two weeks...more on that later.

gotta go finish my paper for history.

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