Monday, December 11, 2006


school sucks. this week sucks. i can't wait TO BE DONE.

still left to go:
project, due tomorrow at 12 pm
poster for above project, due same time
powerpoint for project, to be presented between 12 and 3 pm tomorrow

history final at 7 pm tomorrow

then, on thursday:
take home final for hydrology + four homework assignments, due 11 am
ten page paper for history, due 5 pm.

THEN i can go home and clean my house for all the people that are coming to see me graduate, assuming that i am still actually graduating... :/

but wednesday night, i'm taking a break. a much needed, long awaited, break. it will involve much fun and excitement; i can't wait...

i'm so close, but so far away...the light at the end of the tunnel gleams a little brighter, but still flickering as if it might go away.

i think i'm gonna sign up for a pottery class on tuesday nights from january to march...

ACK! i just remembered i have to send in my tech application like NOW.....well ok by the middle of the week. sigh. i wonder if i'll even get accepted.