Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm DRUNK off nyquil!!!!

and it's a glorious

i am totally drunk off nyquil at the moment (so much so that i had to repeat myself, didn't i already say that in the title?) and i just had pasta with vodka sauce (pre bottled, not really alcoholic) and crescent rolls DROWNED in butter, so i'm feeling really freaking great right now.

my antibiotics are kicking in, no more painful tonsils...gotta keep it up though.

the people at work...wait, lemme start over. i took all the work people out to lunch today (because i'm apparently making the big bucks now lol), and it was GREAT. they have this thing where they make fun of my "hog farming" degree (because it says agricultural engineering, and because i heart bacon). so anyway, they gave me presents cause it was my last lunch with them (cept they're coming thurs but no one knew till today, so there's still one more). the presents? they were BACON presents. i got a bacon wallet (looks like raw bacon pic on the outside), pork skins, bacon sticker luggage tags, a "wwbd?" spinner (what would bacon do?) which i am going to freaking hang on my kitchen wall, and a bacon car air freshener. i'll have to find somewhere to put that; i like new car smell better lol. i'll post pictures of all the bacon stuff at some point but right now i am not moving, it would take too much effort. going to crash from the nyquil.

BACON!!!!! (makin me hungry)

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