Wednesday, May 02, 2007

over the hump

my plan right now:
1) finish grad school, whether it's a master's or phd--either is fine with me. that is going to be my top priority for the next three years.
2) save lots of money, unless i go the phd route, which is looking less and less probable. saving of the money must occur so that i can have a decent house, a great car (note the priority lol), and never have to answer to anyone about how i spend my money (not that that has ever been an issue, but this is just insurance so it won't).
3) get the hell outta dodge, if you know what i mean. i think i'd like to try a couple of different places. some possibilities: chicago, colorado (for that dream job i posted on here a long time ago), maine (good seafood, not too many people, not so freaking hot), texas gulf coast (cause i like the beach and i'm thinking it's appropriately far), milwaukee cause i like the name, maybe florida...but i'm kinda familiar with it already so it doesn't have as much appeal. at least a small-to-medium city with CULTURE...or at least a lotta good non-chain restaurants.
4) probably come back to within a three hour drive of my family at some point; i'd miss them too much otherwise.

hopefully someday i will find someone to do these things with me and support me, but i refuse to make that all-consuming. ever. we see where that got me.

if i think about these things and only these things and don't allow other negative thoughts to intrude (at least 80% of the time anyway; it would be impossible 100%) i should be okay. eventually. maybe i'll try to get a job for the CIA. bigod if i'm gonna be alone, i might as well be dangerous as hell.