Wednesday, June 20, 2007

conflicting emotions

i'm somewhat giddy about vacation approaching. i just have to not let myself think about things i don't want to think about, and it will be okay. i'm hoping the insinuated reading material will be available for me to peruse though.

i'm also really looking forward to saturday.

i need to find out if my sister is insured to drive my car. i kinda don't wanna talk to the insurance people though because i got another speeding ticket and talking to them might make them aware that i exist again, and make them want to check my record again. sigh. at least the frequency and speed over the speed limit of my tickets is declining.

trivia tonight! cd release party friday night! delia's wedding saturday! pack for the beach! then G.T.F.O.D. (get the %$^* out of dodge) for a week. then monday through wednesday off for the fourth of july. i wonder if i can squeeze in a mini road trip? i don't know if anyone would come with though....