Friday, June 08, 2007


i have no more clean laundry! (ok ok that was a gross overstatement. i have plenty of clean clothes, they're just not the ones i wear often. and i'm down to my last pair of comfortable underwear...though i do have probably another two weeks worth of uncomfortable ones...does this make me strange?)

and i still need toothpaste.

and to vacuum, do dishes, and clean. tonight and tomorrow am are going to (hopefully) be very productive. :)

in order to do laundry i have to load more money on my laundry card. that sucks. i do, however, have minimal cash on me to do that so at least i don't have to get charged $3.50 to take stuff out of the ATM at my apartment. sigh.

i'm thinking a) i wouldn't trade living here for the world but b) it'll make me REALLY appreciate it when i live somewhere with a dishwasher and washer/dryer again. pretty ironic that i even moved here at all, since dishes and laundry are my two most HATED chores. (cause you have to f with them so many times. it's not like vacumming, where you expend effort ONCE and it's done. oh, no. you must f with each piece of dish or laundry AT LEAST THREE TIMES for dishes and for laundry, it's at least six...HORRIBLY INEFFICIENT).