Wednesday, July 04, 2007

it's the fourth of july!

GREAT day so far. :)

about to go try the diner near my on google said it was good. then back here, clean (vacuum, put up dishes), shower, head to my brother's house for family and fun, then back to atl NO LATER THAN 5:30 for fireworks at a friend of a friend of a friend's condo. theoretically we will be able to see the lenox ones AND the downtown ones. i'm excited. i'm really trying to make atlanta feel like HOME. (i.e. spend more free time here than in carrollton). i like it so far, and i think i'm finding a balance without my family (well ok mom) getting too upset. i think she's going to come up one evening either this week or next and we'll eat and go exploring. :)

i am hungry and i have to brush my teeth. holla.