Wednesday, July 18, 2007

making my list

and checking it twice.

-get my tb skin test next wednesday, have it checked friday, get them to fill out the necessary paperwork for tech and send in friday.

-figure out wtf with parking. it'd be cheaper if i just use visitor parking anyway. that's pretty sad.

-get my PIN in e-mail from the fafsa people, electronically sign my fafsa and submit it.

-clean up and unpack the rest of my f-ing apartment. the new boxes are definitely causing problems.

-orientation all day tuesday aug 14th and a CE orientation from 10:30 to noon friday aug 17th.

-pay tuition, get book.

-hang my freaking curtains.


that's all the crap going on that i need to remember.

this weekend should be great! hang with the drews friday night....
saturday get a haircut (no color, too expensive)
also saturday, free facial and makeup at nordstrom, then party at sally's
sunday, lounge around and explore the city with one of my favorite people. i cannot wait. at least thursday will come sooner than sunday ;)