Tuesday, August 21, 2007


um...i'm not sure what the hell i've gotten myself into. i've already forgotten everything i knew in structural analysis I and i'm taking the second one AT GEORGIA TECH.

although, part of me is curious to see whether my belief about my major professor is true: his classes (and their difficulty) could stand with pride next to ANY georgia tech classes...AND he was a sarcastic (hilariously funny) ass. i'm going to miss him.

so a friend and i bet a dollar on the homework for this class: i'm betting it will be less than or equal to thompson's homework, he bet it would be more (quantity) and more difficult as well. so we shall see. (and note i'm not the one who only wanted to bet a dollar. i'd have bet ten).

however, i'm a little nervous. we have an "assessment" tomorrow (so the prof can find out how stupid we are?) during the last half of class AND IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE I HAD STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS I. so instead of looking over my old stuff i'm whining on here. makes sense, don't you think?

ok now i'm REALLY going to go study a little. just so i'm not THE DUMBEST person in the class.

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