Tuesday, October 09, 2007


it was awesome. love the mountains, love driving in them (tried to moderate it a little in the interest of my wonderful travel companion), loved hiking and sleeping late and snuggling. :)

in other news, since i got sick with all that sinus crap a few weeks ago, my stomach has been....iffy. nearly every time i eat it feels all crampy afterward. and i have had pretty much constant gas for two weeks. it's weird.

and OMG the foo fighters show at the tabernacle rocked my world. (and, though he doesn't know it yet, dave grohl and i are BFF). i scream-sang (and jumped up and down, and shrieked) to my heart's content and got within two feet of dave after the concert...his teeth aren't nearly as overpowering in person as they are in pictures. he said they're coming back soon but that it'd be a huge venue...and i'm not sure any concert in my life will ever be as good as that one, but i'll keep hoping! i decided after the concert that even if i got sick from not sleeping and failed my test the next day it would still be TOTALLY worth it. and kudos to taylor hawkins. that boy can hammer some drums.

will keep you all posted on how the test turned out. hopefully i will get it back tomorrow, and hopefully i did better on it than on the last one. :)

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