Wednesday, November 21, 2007


i am sitting in my not-mine-for-much-longer office. it's almost empty, and there's no lamp. it feels cold and stark and distinctly un-homelike. sigh.

i really like the people here and i will miss them. however, i am SUPER excited about the soon-to-be new place, with a MUCH smaller commute and people more diverse and work more diverse also.

oh yeah, and i got a white chocolate mocha with THREE shots of espresso last night so i could stay up and finish homework and boy, did it work. i'm STILL going...but i think the wall will be hit within the next five hours.

gotta go to tech to turn in homework, go get cat food, do my dishes, vacuum, feed cats, pack, and then head to mom's house all while hopefully avoiding traffic (well, any MAJOR traffic, that is). wish me luck.

i cannot WAIT to crochet over thanksgiving break. i haven't done any in almost a year and i'm starting to miss it. i think i will try a sweater this year. ;)

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