Monday, January 28, 2008

weekend, and, of course, other stuff

still "awaiting assignment" at work. this is getting a little boring. i LIKE having work to know?

friday night hung out with shane, phil, and their wonderful doggies. i love jezebel, she's freaking awesome. (i love ajax too, simply because he's a dog, but i seriously CONNECT with jezebel). the time for getting a dog is fast approaching.

and maybe a house, too. shane thinks we can find a foreclosure that doesn't need too much work in EAV for less than a one bed condo in midtown. in which case i could float it by myself or have one or two roommmates, which would be awesome. we will see. i think we're going to look at one this week...the only problem is a lack of electricity so it will have to be daylight. he said he thinks it'll take about three houses before the deal actually goes through. i can live in it while i get my master's and then either continue to live in it after, or rent it, or sell it, depending on market stuff. also, if i get an un-rehabbed one, the land it's on would eventually be worth more WITHOUT the house anyway (or with a rehabbed or completely new one). so there are lots of options for my house commitment-phobic self.

saturday one of my buddies from high school came up to ATL. we went to vortex and talked...he's remodeling his house, and i tried to give advice (COLOR advice, not structural advice sight unseen lol) but i'm not sure how much it helped. then i went to d'ville to eat with the family....and....

ANNA KNOWS WHO I AM NOW!!! (she's 14 months old so previously she'd kinda be like, well, i know i've maybe seen you before but who are you again? and saturday she smiled at me! yay for being an aunt!)

sunday was awesome (mostly). mountain run with a shit ton of z's (ok, eight). the only bad thing was that there was a lot of gravel on one of the turns and no guardrail and someone went over. BUT HE'S OK. pics:

good thing he had five point harnesses and that z's have stiff bodies. it was heart/gut wrenching at first, but then he was fine and climbing up the hill under his own power. kinda made me reconsider stuff (and LIFE, but you know) and be glad there hasn't been gravel when i've done the driving...because he was not going too fast for the curve. just the gravel. :(

we made it back safe and sound (but HUNGRY) and the rest of sunday was awesome. grin.

UPDATE: forgot to mention that i passed the LEED AP test on Saturday and am now a LEED accredited professional (or, FUH-fessional, as my niece jenny would say, which to her, is the opposite of n00b). lol.

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