Monday, February 04, 2008

random stuff

my favorite jeans are dead. they lasted almost four years though, and i wore them at least once a week, if not two or three times. so i would say they were totally worth the 50 or 60 bucks i paid for them, and i will never again complain about how expensive my favorite kind of jeans are, because they are the ONLY ones i've worn consistently since i found them.

frisbee and hiking are super fun--and i am super out of shape. i'm walking around like an arthritic 80 year old woman right now. today is the second day, though, so this is probably the worst.

my life is sorta steamrolling me right now. i realized i've come to the point where i either have to just suck it up and not procrastinate on schoolwork anymore, or give up. which, as we all know, is NOT an option because i'm too damned stubborn. so i will be working on my homework that is due friday TONIGHT instead of waiting till thursday at midnight, or worse, friday morning. also, i waste too much time on the internet. (and no, i do not have any work on my desk right now AGAIN, which sucks, so i am allowing myself to play online today, but i have to start doing homework after lunch if i still don't have work).

also, i need to get more sleep during the week. lately i've been staying up till 1 and 2 am on a weeknight and it's killing me. i caught up on sleep last night though; it was WONDERFUL. and i'm still allowing myself to stay up as late as i want on weekends. ;)

this month's goals:
1) to reach $1,000.00 in my baby emergency fund. this will happen automatically through direct deposit from my paycheck and automatic weekly transfers from my checking account. i am mucho excited.

2) use the "extra" paycheck i'll get this month (i get paid three times this month instead of the usual two because of the biweekly schedule) to pay off my tires, get new brake pads, fix my alignment, and pay down my remaining credit card debt.

3) exercise in some form at least 2x per week, whether it's a drop-in class or fun stuff on weekends.

4) eat more veggies. i love them and miss them. lol. also, cook more, because it's a lot easier to eat veggies when i cook them, since most restaurant meals are meat and potatoes based. (though i do love me some meat and potatoes. i'll get that at trivia so i don't feel deprived).

5) eat out less. i know i should quantify but if i quantify too much and then go over, i'll feel like i failed.

6) not let my apartment get so cluttered that it drives me nuts to be there. (unfortunately, it's already like that RIGHT NOW, but i'm scheduling cleaning time for tonight).

7) not leave dishes in the sink for more than 48 hours. I NEED A DISHWASHER at the next place i inhabit. sigh.

8) no internet/TV/snacking in bed. lately, because my apartment is all one room, i sit on my bed for pretty much everything and i think it's affecting me when i actually try to sleep there. so the couch is going to be my new best friend.

ok. i think that's enough for one month.

career fair in auburn tomorrow evening. should be interesting...

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