Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals / January project

So, now that goals have been stated, my plan is to do a little blog each Monday to check in with myself.

For last week, Jan 4-10:
Overstuffed: Twice, Wednesday lunch (but I ate very little dinner to make up for it) and Saturday dinner for the work holiday party.

Spending: Was God-awful. I had a wake-up call in the form of an NSF fee and a trip to the bank this morning to deposit from savings.

Socially balanced? Decent...Mom and Daddy came up Wednesday for dinner, we went to a friend's house Friday night for dinner, Saturday was the holiday party for my work, and Sunday my mom, daddy, sister-in-law and my two nieces came over for lunch. It was maybe a little too busy, but it was extremely nice that people came to us, and it made it feel much less busy for that.

Self care? Could have been better--no exercise. However, I did take an extra long shower Saturday and used sugar scrub on elbows/knees/feet, shaved, and I painted my fingernails too, which hasn't happened in AGES. So, pretty much better than anytime in 2009. :)

Our monthly project is to get the house properly ventilated, and finish the unfinished projects that have been sitting there for three months (shelving in bath, office walls fixed). Caleb and a buddy of ours finished installing the attic ventilation fan today, so we are making progress!!

Next week: (which is really this week, now) I have a mini-project to weed out my closet.

Today is skirts.
Tuesday, pants.
Wednesday, dresses.
Thursday, suits and shoes.
Friday, shirts.

The following week (18-22) will be....DRAWERS.
Monday: top drawer/undies
Tuesday: middle drawer
Wednesday: bottom drawer
Thursday: socks, sweaters
Friday: bras, swimsuits, exercise clothes (these are in mini-drawers in my closet)

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