Thursday, January 21, 2010

The List

I made a list of fun stuff/projects I want to do now that I'm out of school. Some of them will have to wait a while due to lack of space, funds, or time...but some of them I'm doing now:

-cook (I'm thinking of trying one new recipe every...however often. Maybe once a month?)
-learn to paint artistically, or at least attempt it
-crochet a sweater that I love
-learn to sew
-learn to quilt
-learn to knit
-practice drawing
-drive (when I was younger every now and then I'd just DRIVE for a couple hours. It helped my mental state, and I think it still would).
-decorate my house little by little
-begin yoga again
-learn calligraphy
-make a dog bed
-begin meal planning weekly
-learn to felt wool
-get massages twice a year
-take some cooking classes (we start these tonight! yay!)
-puppy classes (we start these tonight! yay!)
-belly dancing classes (I start these on Feb 1st).
-read "The Lovely Bones"
-learn more car stuff
install new (only a little louder) exhaust
-begin to meditate
-get more adrenaline
skydive again
hang glide
zip lines
-be an SCCA member this year
-go to at least 4 autocrosses
-get rid of any underwear I'd be embarrassed to be wearing in the hospital (ALMOST got this done)
-take a month long road trip or two (east coast or west coast or both)
-see all of Frank Lloyd Wright's homes/structures
-Robie House
-Unity Temple
-His house in Oak Park

-Florence, AL
-Taliesin II
-Falling Water
-California ones
-buy a Beamie and restore it (1987 325 stick shift with manual crank sunroof and straight-six engine)
-grow a garden (we should be doing this this year, at least a "square-foot" garden).
-see the redwoods
-and badwater
-waterski (slalom or not), maybe learn how to barefoot like my granddad
-visit every state
-visit Germany, Italy, Istanbul, Japan (Tokyo), South America, Wales, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Bora Bora, Transylvania, Romania
-become capable of ironing a shirt in less than 10 minutes (right now it takes me like 20--and that is SAD).

I plan to keep adding to this list over time, and crossing things off it too. Hopefully. :)

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