Monday, April 26, 2010

Tumbleweeds appears that I have not posted in a while. Sorry bout the tumbleweeds, though I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog anyway. But it's for me, so I guess that isn't important. Maybe I'm apologizing to MYSELF about the tumbleweeds?

I've been taking belly dance classes and they rock my face off. Also, I apparently do not suck quite as badly as I thought and don't look spastic in class (usually). And I've not elbowed anyone, or busted my ass, or kicked a person/mirror/column. So I'm considering it a RESOUNDING success. Plus it's so much more fun than exercise for the sake of exercise.

I've decided to only take one belly dance class at a time though--it was starting to feel that I was laser focusing on THIS HOBBY and trying to be the valedictorian of belly dance, which is not really how I'd like to approach this whole hobby thing. The whole point of getting done with grad school was to NOT have laser focus for a while, to be able to try a whole bunch of new stuff.

So to that end, I'm signing up for knife skills 101 at the local Cook's Warehouse on June 17th. I will also be de-cluttering/organizing/painting our office/library (at my house) this weekend with my awesome sister's help. If we have time left we will organize the kitchen. Either this week or next, I'm going to build raised beds which will eventually house our vegetable garden.

Yay for time for projects!

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