Wednesday, September 27, 2006

holy jesus

that test was HORRIBLE. i feel like my brain just had explosive diarrhea and shat everything it ever knew about finite elements (useful or not) onto my test paper. did i mention he DIDN'T HAVE THE TEST DURING CLASS because the HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES WASN'T ENOUGH--WE REALLY NEEDED FOUR HOURS TO TAKE IT. from six to ten on a wednesday night. and he was fucking right. my hand hurts. and i'm still not done with residential load calculations that are due tomorrow at 12:30. sometimes engineering really pisses me off.

will this week never end??

i have another interview friday in stockbridge...i'm a little apprehensive though because the person i'm interviewing with's name is Rahim. i hope i can understand him, what with my crappy hearing abilities.

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