Wednesday, October 04, 2006

getting back in the groove

i had almost let myself forget what it was like spending 12 hours a day at school and work. too bad i'm getting a harsh reminder these last few weeks, and there's no end in sight. :(

i have yet another interview friday (but this one's an exciting one). then i have lunch with ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) so i can network and find some structural engineers (a lot of them are members) who want to hire me. and pay me.

apparently, i'm worth a lot of money (of course, to me anything is a lot of money since i don't freaking make any, but this really IS a lot of money). who'd have thought??

i am freaking exhausted, and i have to be at driftmier at the ass crack of dawn so dr. thompson can help me with that stupid computer program. :/ then it's home tomorrow night, interview and lunch friday, unadilla friday, fair friday night or saturday or both, home sunday, back to athens sunday to spend lots of time in the computer lab.

going to bed now.

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