Sunday, September 24, 2006

the interview, and my weekend

the was interesting.

-they want me to start part time now, but i don't have to begin full time till january.
-they offer decent insurance.
-i would have an actual office with four walls, a door, and probably a window. all to myself.

-it's far away from home, that place i'd like to move near.
-there are only ten or so people that work there, none of which are close to my age...and the only other female is the secretary (who seems extremely nice so that's good).
-it's not actual buildings. it's the connections for steel beams (and yes, i knew that going into it, but still)
-VERY LITTLE vacation time. (standard is five days--AFTER you've worked there a year.)
-stuffed deer/boar heads on walls. (i understand that they're men from the south who own the company, but that's just not the kind of place i think i would fit into. i prefer things a little more design-conscious.)
-i don't want to be forced to live all alone away from my family because of my job. and that leads me to other thoughts, later in this entry.

my weekend was pretty good. sam and rosco's was tasty, even though i wasn't feeling so hot. allergies attempted to kill me friday night and into saturday, but by saturday afternoon i felt slightly more normal.

today was ok. i miss people already; that happens a lot on sunday nights. however, i started thinking about the whole job thing, and getting even more stressed. what if i can't find a job close enough to home to live there? will i be forced to be alone and miserable until i can find one closer? what if i'm not good at engineering? what if i hate it? (as you can see, things started snowballing). i don't really think that i will hate engineering. i'm just really worried about finding the right job. it seems nothing in my life is guaranteed right now as far as job and where i'm going to live and what would happen if i can't move back home; if i have to be closer to atl or whatever because i don't want a two hour commute.

this week is going to really suck. i have a huge project due thursday and a three hour test wednesday night. so on top of the job stress i'll be school stressed AND i still don't feel all that great. :(

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