Thursday, September 21, 2006

nervous, and excited

i have a job interview tomorrow! i spent two hours ironing four shirts cause i can't decide which one looks best with my brown BUSINESS SUIT...omg that phrase "my business suit" makes me want to either:

1: laugh hysterically, maniacally even, at the thoughts of ME being BUSINESSLIKE. people. this is insanity at its best.

2: cry, because this means i have to join the real world and i'm really not ready to become a responsible adult with a SALARY and a full time job. that i go to every day. every. single. day.

3: feel intimidating--but unfortunately i know i'm not and that sometimes sucks. is it the hair? the shit-eaten grin? the spasticness? what? what???

should spasticness have a "k"? like maybe spastickness? i guess since i'm the one making up the word i get to choose. hmm. i like the "k," i think. so i hereby christen it "spastickness" (n) the quality of being spastic; spasticity applied to a person's life. see also spasticity.

by the way, i'm drunk on my meds: claritin and sudafed. hopefully they are preventing my allergies from becoming anything more.

i came to the conclusion today that i am somewhat strange. i really like paper. you know, pretty paper: resume paper, business card textured paper, linen paper, cardstock in bright colors....well, actually, pretty much any office supply i am nuts for. i love trying new pens and sharpies, cute little notepads, and that carbon copy black stuff. I always vow to use the cute little notepads for homework lists or to-do lists or whatever, but then i lose the notepad.

speaking of sharpies, i love the smell of those. actually, i like marks a lot better, but sharpies have more variety.

that is all.

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