Wednesday, September 20, 2006

update on my (somewhat boring) life

still feel like poo. now my face is peeling, and my neck/chest itch and hurt if i scratch, and are peeling too (on top of the allergy crap). worked all day today, have class all day tomorrow. (and a little work too).

the place i really want to work has offices in colorado or massachusetts. (
now my goal is to find a similar company around here. they do green buildings, and projects of every kind (not just one sector, like residential or commercial or governmental). their philosophies on design are in line with my own, and as far as i know, unlike those of most structural engineering/design firms. most of the employees look fairly young, too, which would be nice. don't get me wrong, i like old people ;) and all, but just living in a town that isn't predominantly college kids is gonna take some getting used to--much less not having contact with people my age on a regular basis. i think i'm gonna miss athens more than i thought if and when i move closer to home, but i won't miss carrollton people so much and being closer will be really nice.

eating for my birthday on friday at sam and roscoe's in d'ville (not Alfredo's, cause my mom doesn't want to go to atlanta) at 6:30 pm. It'll do for a second choice, and it will be the first time we've all been together since march.

saturday, hopefully going to see jackass 2 with caleb...maybe dinner too, but i haven't asked him about that yet. :)

i'm tired of feeling anxious all the time. i have finally decided that this might be an actual problem (MOST people don't chew the insides of their lips and cheeks constantly)...but i'm not sure what to do about it. the only time i didn't within the last eight years was during the hawaii trip. don't have time to care right now though. school's a bitch (and probably causing at least 50% of my anxiety)

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