Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it grows and grows

my to do list, that is....here goes:

set up the ceremony for the Order of the Engineer, and convince all my friends that yes, this really is a good idea (somehow i think they might resent having a ceremony for only four people)...

grad school application: finish "statement of purpose." i suck at writing...especially when it comes to making something that straightforward and boring sound interesting. hopefully i will have some help with this... :)

e-mail the guy at DePalma's so we can all eat there after i graduate

five page paper for residential, due tomorrow

HVAC design for mom's lakehouse, due thursday

ten page paper for history, due ?

final FEA (finite element analysis) project

10 minute presentation for above project

36 by 24 poster for aforementioned project

final for FEA (as if a final project weren't enough) on READING DAY

final presentation for residential

final paper for residential

four homeworks for hydrology

take home final for hydrology

history final

somehow i think that sleeping and eating might be pushed to the back burner for a while, but at least now i have a comprehensive (and terrifying) list posted somewhere so i can refer back to it.

i want to shop for people's christmas presents. i love giving gifts. i also want to cook a lot. maybe in a couple weeks.

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