Thursday, November 09, 2006


i can't believe it's already almost mid-november. t-minus five weeks and 11 hours and 20 minutes.

so i allowed myself to wallow in unmotivation/self pity this week, and overall it did me no good. i'm now behind (instead of able to get ahead) in my schoolwork. but bigod i really freaking needed a week of straight up not doing ANYTHING for school. it was GREAT, other than the fact that for most of it i wanted to hole up in my bed but i could not physically sleep for that long. so i spent a lot of time in my bed, but not necessarily sleeping. and other than the fact that now i'm stressed again. but hey, i work better under pressure, right?.......RIGHT?

in other news, i cleaned my house (ok, well, the kitchen, because it took FOUR HOURS) and now my kitchen and my hands smell like bleach, and i'm not afraid to put stuff on the counter now. (certain people in this household have a HUGE problem with crumbs--and they aren't me. but i have clutter issues, so i guess we're even). ewok's all lovey and drooley now because of the bleach. (is that normal for cats? no? i didn't think so, of course i would have the abnormal ones).

gotta be at work at eight tomorrow, which means i have to leave here at seven, and i haven't packed or finished laundry. it's gonna be a long night, and i'm gonna need lots of caffeine tomorrow. also tomorrow, i get to baby sit Delta, the freaking coolest ten month old i've ever met. she's INTENSE, and hilarious. you can definitely see the wheels turning already--i kinda feel sorry for her parents when she gets about eighteen or so.

then saturday, I GET TO HANG OUT WITH THE DREWS!!!! (i refuse to call it babysitting because a) they're really freaking cool and i'd hang out with them just for fun, b) they're too old to be "baby-sat" now and c) i'm more of a chauffer (sp?) slash friend anyway.

i wanted to go driving twice this week after work/school, but going driving sucks when you only have thirty minutes of daylight left. maybe i'll go on sunday morning.

i'm done for now. gotta pack and fold clothes.

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