Wednesday, January 10, 2007

just cruisin

through life, that is. today was GREAT. first of all, it's my three year anniversary with the man of my dreams (more familiar to most of you as caleb, or cable, or as on the card from the flower place today, kaleb. ha ha)--which brings me to reason number two (one being just that it is our anniversary) why this was a wonderful day. caleb had flowers delivered to my work!!! a gorgeous, fragrant bouquet of red roses. sigh. normally i try not to be a girly girl, but i really really loved feeling thought about and special and now my office smells really freaking good. grin.

more reasons today was great: i felt USEFUL at work. yesterday afternoon sucked because one of the connections i was attempting to design and calculate was giving me fits, my brain wasn't functioning, and i felt like i'd never get it. however, this morning, my brain was on, my shit was together and i spanked that thing. oh yeah. then i chugged through FOUR MORE. now i know you're thinking four? in eight hours? that sucks!....which, for my boss, that would suck. but for me, two connections drawn and calculated in eight hours has been the norm for a while. and today? today i did FOUR. ha. i am the shit.

an (patrick's girlfriend...patrick is the person who i used to work with at certainteed when we both had internships there, and yes, he is WELL aware of my insanity) moved in yesterday and now i'm not alone anymore! yay! she'll only be here a few days a week though....but that is better than nothing. so far i'm controlling clutter ok (as long as you don't look in my room, but what else is new?)

and the final reason today was a great day: i went to wally world and got all kinds of cool stuff for my OFFICE. my. office. how crazy is THAT? ok, so the stuff wasn't really cool, but it was necessary and i got to pick it out, therefore making it somewhat personalized and therefore COOL. i got a lamp (with the most awesomest lampshade EVER that is going to make caleb cringe, but i love it), some organizy stuff (little paper clip cups, paper divider things, pen holders, etc) that is all that black mesh stuff, a 5x7 picture frame for the picture of me and ray (the big guy that i beat in the eating contest) to go beside the pig trophy, another 5x7 picture frame for a picture of me and caleb (not sure if i'm gonna use the one from the bahamas where we're dreadlocked/braided or a different one), a clock for my wall, a hanging file crate and some hanging files, and SNACKS. because hello? if i'm going to be stuck somewhere for 8 hours a day (which is, coincidentally, more time than i spend awake in my own home), there must be FOOD. large quantities of it. healthy choice meals and no snacks are definitely not cutting it, and God forbid trying to find an actual restaurant. harrumph. so i got beef jerky, white cheddar cheez-its, cashews, and little mini popcorn bags. yeah, i went for the real healthy shit beeatch. oh yeah and little bottles of grape juice (100% juice, no sugar added--so i guess those are somewhat ok for me, as opposed to all that other stuff). i am also going to purchase a gallon of milk and store it in the fridge. might as well pretend like i'm at home, and i just happen to be doing autocad and equations all day while i'm there. hmm.......i wonder if i could get a recliner? or a comfy chair/ottoman? i hate sitting anything un-couch-like for more than a few minutes, which includes, but is not limited to kitchen chairs, office chairs, classroom chairs, benches, barstools, etc. i wonder if anyone else has this allergy? the Allergy of Placing One's Rump on Hard/Uncomfortable/Unable to Stretch Out and Have One's Feet Up Places? i once told caleb a little of my sentiment regarding non-couchlike or reclinerlike perches and he looked at me like i was crazy. (i mean, i am crazy, but i didn't think that in particular was a symptom).

ok, my hands hurt. gotta go to sleep.

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