Thursday, April 12, 2007


so i saw this on a friend's facebook page and IT TOTALLY DESCRIBES ME TOO:

"I'm pretty much convinced that I have "HARASS ME" written in large letters across my forehead and I'm the only one who can't see it. Someday I'll figure out how to erase it."

wow. someone who understands.

ok, yeah that was totally random. it just made me think of all the random strangers who feel the need to make fun of me/push my buttons/see how gullible i am/just generally mess with me on a regular basis.

i'm working. and stressing about an apt in ATL. i like it. and i secretly like the fact that it's forcing me to get rid of a lot of shit. i'm just stressing about going through all the shit. hopefully i can move in not this weekend but next. that requires help from daddy and caleb and possibly david though so i have to run it by them.

har dee har. going to sleep now so i can get up at the ass crack and pack for birmingham this weekend.