Wednesday, May 16, 2007

in other news

i actually wrote down the list today:

within the US:

Alaska: just cause. You have to. And whales and stuff.
Seattle: coffee, kurt cobain, puget sound, mountains, outdoorsy stuff
SoCal: warm, beaches, totally different way of life, food
Michigan/Great Lakes: in the fall (early fall) to see leaves change, beaches, nature
Niagara Falls: just cause. You have to.
Yellowstone: ditto
Grand Canyon: ditto
Maine (by drive, up east coast): seafood along the way, eastern seaboard, nature and woods when you finally get to maine.
Colorado/Wyoming/Utah: skiing, horses, moutains, ranches, salt lake
Texas: gulf and west: gulf b/c galveston is such a pretty name and it's in that song, west b/c of contrast and the alamo
Arizona (to see at least one postcard-worthy desert sunset)
Bridger Bowl ski resort in Montana (cheaper, better skiiing)
Nebraska: to see nothing but grass as far as I can see
Northern California: to drive on the twisty roads and stare off cliffs into the ocean
ALL of the Florida Keys. by car.

outside the US:

Italy: food, mediterranean beaches, shopping
Germany/Poland/WWII places
Greece: to see all the stuff I learned about in art history
Egypt: to see the rest of the art history stuff
Mediterranean Cruise: mediterranean, cruises are awesome
Istanbul, Turkey: in the article for more affordable, beautiful
Prague, Czech Republic: in the article, beautiful
Bran, Romania: reminds me of those books I read, beautiful
Cuenca, Ecuador: exotic/warm, in that article
Buenos Aires, Argentina: new place, exotic, in the article
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic: similar to bahamas, in the article, pretty
Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand: food, beautiful, in the article
Australia/New Zealand: food, new, interesting
Fiji: beautiful, exotic, don't know much about it
Russia: architecture, food, people
China: great wall, food, shopping, historical religious stuff
Morocco/African island: exotic, food, people
Brazil: food, people, exotic, ancient ruins
Bahamas: beach. Food. Nuff said.
Prince Edward Island: cause it was in anne of green gables. i know. i'm a dork.