Tuesday, May 15, 2007

irresistable desire

to take a road trip. now. but i don't know who with: jenn's got a boy, lindsey's got a boy and she's broke, derek would never let melissa go (and i'm not sure we'd be so great in a car for a week), my guy friends are all either not allowed to go or probably wouldn't want to....

and plus i don't have any freaking vacation anyway. sigh. :(

but. if i could take said trip, i think i'd go to galveston. i like the name, it's pretty. and there's a beach there. and since it's on my potential list of places to maybe live, i need to at least have been there.

or maybe maine, up the eastern seaboard, eating lots of seafood on my way, visiting all the cities along the way, and then relaxing in the woods/moutains/lack of people and crowding up there. that's gonna be like a two to three week trip though when i do it.