Monday, June 04, 2007

rant rant rant rant

people are so strange. just when you think they're ok, they're not.

one of the people at work stopped in my doorway thursday before we left for the fishing trip...

Other Person (OP): "how old are you?"

Me: "twenty three."

OP: "hm. that explains a lot."

Me: "why?"

OP: "you've just been taking shots at me lately."

Me: (utterly confused) "what do you mean?"

OP: "well, that conversation we had (PEOPLE. IT WAS A MONTH AGO) when we were talking about the Audi TT and I said something about one of my friends had one and you asked, 'have you ever driven one? have you ever ridden in one?' and i just thought that was rude, you taking shots at me like that."

Me: "oh. i had no idea you took it that way. i asked because i was genuinely interested and i like cars, especially sports cars, and had never ridden in or driven and Audi TT and wanted to know how you liked it."


Me: "do you feel that way a lot?"

OP: "yeah."

Me: (looking on in disbelief) "....well, i mean, i guess i come across as a sarcastic asshole sometimes---

OP: (interrupts) "--yeah. sarcastic asshole. that pretty much sums it up."

Me: "but i wasn't trying to be sarcastic at that moment. i was genuinely interested because it was something i was interested in."

OP: "well, your age explains a lot. i have a 19 and 21 year old."

Me: "i hope i don't offend you--i didn't mean anything to sound like i was 'taking shots at you' or anything."

CONCLUSION: paranoid people suck. as do people who assume i'm the way i am because i'm under the age of FIFTY SEVEN. hello? i will ALWAYS be this way, whether i'm 23 or 98. it's the way i am. and on top of that, i was trying to show interest in your life and be nice by being excited for you about you getting to ride in or drive the car that you love but don't have! excuse the hell out of me for being interested and asking questions. if you thought THAT was 'taking shots' you should hear it when i really AM being sarcastic!!!! geez. fuck off. honestly, i don't give a shit about stuff, as in it's not like i have a personal vendetta against you. i'm not that confrontational. i have too much shit going on in my life and too much to think about to sit around thinking, hmm, how can i annoy/take shots at OP's today? you merely exist to me. i have no feeling about that. it just is. can we puh-lease get over all this paranoid high school reading tone/interest wrong bullshit?? i just wanna do my fucking job. that is all.