Thursday, July 26, 2007


ohhh....i'm soooooo tired. and i've only worked ONE of the ten plus hour workdays required of me. it probably didn't help that jennifer and jonathan and i talked for a long time after trivia and my air conditioner broke (again) last night and i woke up at four thirty from being hot. i called the maintenance people about it today. for the fifth time since i moved in april 21st. i mentioned that maybe it was broken beyond repair, since this was the fifth time i called, but i'm sure they'll just jiggle it, stuff it with more freon (after i call at least one more time if not two), and tell me it's fine.

BULLSHIT. i HATE being hot. hate it.

on another note, as a result of being hot constantly and having WAY overreactive underarm sweat glands, nearly all of my white shirts/light colored shirts are rendered un-arm-liftable after about five wearings. sigh. i think i'm going to ask the doc for drysol.

ugh. one more day. all i want to do is snuggle and get a hug and sleep.