Thursday, August 09, 2007


sooo.....driving to work this morning, slept a little later than usual, showered, shaved, AND put on lotion, rewarded myself with a starbuck's coffee...everything was cruisin along just fine.

and THEN. some large pointy thing flies out of nowhere on the interstate and puts a huge chip AND six inch long crack in my freaking windshield. the kind of crack you look at and go...ooh. that's gonna spread big-time.

and the worst part? i don't know if they're going to let me autocross with it. and there's a driver development saturday and autocross sunday, both of which i'm already registered for. sigh. plus also i'm not sure where i'm going to get $500 to replace my windshield.

my coffee wasn't as good after that. :( cause i was in a bad mood and all.

anyone know a good glass shop that won't rip me off just because i'm a female?

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