Tuesday, August 07, 2007

random mullings

-why can't life be more like it was in the 1800's? i think work would be much more rewarding if it were for one's own or one's family's benefit. plus, it would help with procrastination because if you just didn't (milk your cows/weed your garden/cook/insert chores necessary for survival here) you'd die. that's a pretty strong deterrent for procrastination, i think.

-why do excessive amounts coffee make you have to poo? oh, they don't make you have to poo? well they do me. and it bothers me cause i like coffee. i guess it keeps me more regular though.

-humans should be able to fly. like birds. then we wouldn't have to pay $145 for skydiving. however, i am glad that skydiving is possible, cause it's a whole lot better than the dreams i have where i can fly. those take effort; skydiving didn't.

-speaking of which, do any of you people ever dream that you can fly? i do. i know my mom does. but everyone else i've talked to just looks at me like i'm nuts when i'm all, "skydiving is awesome! it's like when you dream you're flying--only better!".......what.......why are you looking at me like that?? geez. unimaginative people.

-ripping cd's onto iTunes takes a really long time. so long, in fact, that i only have about a third of them on there and the only thing keeping me from doing more is the TIME. and the repetition. i am NOT GOOD with repetition, generally speaking.

-i wish i was at the beach right now. but then, i always wish that.

-finally, on a more serious note: that bridge that fell....it was freaky. and scary. and as an engineer my heart goes out to any engineers involved in inspecting/repairing/testing the bridge. not just because there will be finger pointing and lawsuits and forensic studies, but because whether any of them were actually responsible or not, it's probably in their nature to FEEL responsible and beat themselves up about it. it also brought home a point personally--joining the order of the engineer and pledging to check and re-check and triple check calculations means more than just a pretty ceremony and belonging to something. it means you are accepting responsibility for LIVES. i'm going to go check my last bracing calculations again. and i've been keeping the sheer amount of responsibility in mind when i design stuff. i won't give my calculations/designs to my boss until i feel that i'd be okay if my entire family were standing under whatever connection i just designed.

-that was longer than i meant for it to be. sorry.

going to east/west bistro in athens tonight with amber and delta. i can't wait! (and i can stop by the old house and get a carload of stuff. and my lovely automatic toothbrush).