Friday, October 26, 2007

food. i must be hungry.

i know why quaker instant "weight control" oatmeal works. because it's so gummy and mushy and non-oatmealy that one can only eat half of it before the urge to puke overcomes the hunger.

i wish i had some alfredo's fettucine alfredo right now. maybe i'll try to eat there this weekend.

i delivered the check to the roofing guy in athens yesterday. yet another step in a limited number of steps left before the house is no longer ours. so far i have not become emotional over it--but i didn't go in last night because i didn't want to find out if i'd get emotional.

i ate k-bob's last night (well actually now it is uncle otto's earuopean eatery instead of achim's k-bob) but the sandwich is the same and oh it was good. theoretically achim is going to open one in atlanta in the next few years. i'm hopeful.feta, feta, everywhere and it was soooo good.

which brings me to the next thought: cheese is there another food that can take on so many different flavors and textures, that you can eat for any meal or for dessert, that you can pair with or slap on top of pretty much anything and make it instantly better? recently i have become more broadened in my cheese horizons. i love goat cheese, and stinky cheese, and even moldy cheese (if it's intentional mold). bland pasta? add cheese! icky burger? add cheese (and ketchup)! instant potatoes? add cheese and they'll at least become edible!

it must be noted that i do not include as actual cheese any sliced pre-packaged individually wrapped cheese. i really do not like the kraft individually wrapped cheeses (american, white american, even their swiss). i think it's the texture. they're slightly rubbery, yet gummy, just....ew.

while we're discussing food, i wonder if anyone else is particular about their ketchup? hunts is my favorite brand, and i'll eat others, but i'll wish it was hunts. same with mayo--preferred brand is blue plate. which they don't have in any place other than the southeast. if i ever relocate i'll have to order it by the case. and i'm sorry, but miracle whip is the sorriest excuse for a spread in existence.

more things i dislike that are food related:
-chain restaurants
-sometimes olives
-saltines, unless they're in meat loaf
-people who don't eat vegetables...don't they realize all the possibilities they're missing??
-any restaurant that has bad or instant mashed potatoes. i mean, come on. they're not THAT hard.
-nutmeg in any discernible quantity. it makes me nauseous.
-some other spice that i have yet to identify that is sometimes present in more than usual quantities in little hawaiian's crab cakes and bread dipping oil that makes my chest and stomach feel funny.

things i LIKE that are food related:
-edible stuff
-meat (steak, bacon, chicken/turkey sausage, etc.)
-when a restaurant does something in a kick-ass manner. like alfredo's fettucine alfredo.
-this could go on and on. pretty much, i just like food. :)

i think i'm hungry (if i could just get past all the burping up of gloopy gummy sticky mushy too-sweet oatmeal). maybe i'll get someting GOOD for lunch, like zaxby's. (note: "good" depends entirely on the frame of reference. and in this context, where my choices are dairy queen, zaxby's, a scary sushi place--i like sushi but not scary--and the quik trip, zaxby's becomes "good").

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