Monday, October 15, 2007

pissed off

i think my $100 rebate check from comcast was stolen. cause i got the other two (for $25 and $75) but, lo and behold, that one just wasn't there. perhaps the company that sends them ought to consider sending them IN ENVELOPES so people can't just peek inside the barely-secured trifold piece of paper and go, "ooh! a check! i want that!" and take it. cause either way the company's losing the check. why not let it actually go to the person it's SUPPOSED TO????

and also my professor thinks my undergraduate degree is holding me back. i am ANGRY. for the first time EVER, i had the fleeting thought that maybe i should have gone to tech. and that is what makes me angry, because no, i shouldn't have gone to tech.

bigod i'm gonna get a fucking A in that class. if it's not too late. gotta go rework problem one for the test. a messed up sign cost me 20 points. agh;aoghawoorihawehrads;lkdkfj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: the rebate check came yesterday!! YAY! (10-18-07)

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