Monday, November 05, 2007


i have no motivation for anything right now. i'm not sure why. i think it's the typical end-of-semester feeling of just being worn down. i am reminded almost daily of why i was so glad to graduate, why i HATE homework, why i was so burned out from school when i graduated. and i've signed up for at least two more years of this life. ugh. it seriously never ends. (it's a lot like laundry and dishes, which may explain why i hate it so much).


ok. the following paragraph might be TMI!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT POTENTIALLY TOO MUCH INFO.

i started the new birth control friday night. i feel ok now, pretty normal. and i think i'm going to try the diva cup. (at first i was all, EW! but i think i'm ok with it now. plus i don't think i can flush tampons here anyway...)

ok no more tmi stuff.

i'm excited and nervous about the fact that it's supposed to be COLD tomorrow. maybe i can actually close my window and have it still be cool enough in here. long story. let's just say my apartment building constantly maintains about 80 degrees and a couple of weeks ago 'they' turned the chillers OFF in the basement or wherever the hell they're located so my temperature choices for air coming out of my "temperature controlled" unit are hot, hotter, and HOT AS FUCK. yeah. i came home the day 'they' changed it (they did it midday, while i wasn't home, of course) and it was eighty in here. gah.

and also? that last paragraph might contain the longest run-on sentence EVER. however, it's got tough competition from the memo i received on my door from our leasing office today (verbatim--but notes in parentheses and italicized are mine):


To: All Residents

From: Management


Date: 11/5/2007

Re: Parking and Towing

We would appreciate your full cooperation as the Parking (<--random caps, no reason) garage Levels (<--more random reasonless caps) B and C is (levels is? wtf?) reaching its full capacity. We need for you to come to the Management (<--caps! randomly!) office to confirm your parking space and making (to make?) sure that all Residents (<--caps!) have their parking sticker(s?) visual (visible?) in the window due to (, as?) towing will began (BEGIN. PEOPLE. COME ON.) on November 21st to (for? but at this point it's so butchered AND STILL ONE SENTENCE it doesn't matter anyway) all unregistered vehicles. If you have any questions please contact the management office. Failure to contact us could result in the cost of towing on the Residents (<--caps! and no apostrophe where one is needed) expense. (that sentence sucked too, but not as much).

Thank you,

The Deadline is November 6th Thru November 19th (office Hours)(<--caps. again.)

Towing will began (BEGIN, DAMMIT) on the 21st of November.

*If you are unable to confirm your space - you must call the Office..... (yes, there were FIVE dots. apparently more emphasized than your regular ellipses (sp?). on top of the fact that we have to be IN the office to confirm our spaces in the first place!)

my response to this (in my head, of course) was:
a) you made me wait on a waiting list for FIVE MONTHS to get a parking place, and then i find out that you don't even have your shit together enough to know who the hell is parking in the garage?? this means i could have gotten a place like, oh, when i MOVED IN. (they sent out a previous notice IN SEPTEMBER listing all the spaces they weren't receiving payment for and hadn't for god knows how long that, i dunno, maybe they SHOULD HAVE BEEN KEEPING TRACK OF?)

b) you mean that guy next to me that has been parking there for longer than i have and has no sticker is FINALLY going to get towed? hahahahahahaha--oh wait, now he KNOWS you don't have your shit together and that you'll have it together by nov. 21st, which means he has two more weeks of free parking. sigh.

c) i can't believe you can't keep up with your shit enough to know that i have a valid sticker and have been paying, after i watched you painstakingly, slowly, write my information (and later type it) into an excel spreadsheet which you are supposedly using to keep track. why is it now MY burden to prove to YOU? maybe i'll mail them pictures of my stickers.


EHT said...

I hope you are over the "blehs"....No rain and the cooler weather can bring them on for me.

I wanted to let you know that I've added you to the blogroll at Georgia On My Mind. I found your site through the Georgia Carnival when Rusty hosted. I believe you had commented on one of the postings that was submitted. I hope this is ok and I invite you to submit a post sometime to the carnival.

SJPA said...

That is a painfully bad, amusing letter from management.