Thursday, November 29, 2007

nasal cavities and procrastination

i think i'm sick AGAIN. my nose is stuffy and my throat feels like hell. debating whether to go get the antibiotics and take some.

i'm SUPPOSED to be studying right now; my last test is tomorrow. i have been studying for a couple hours. it's hard to concentrate when you can't breathe. :(

anyway. in other news, i'm ok. finally. maybe things could have turned out differently, maybe not...but either way, the timing was just not right. i think i'm almost ready to be friends again, if that is still an option.

in still more news, i sort of fell off the financial bandwagon i previously put myself on. not badly, but i got christmas presents (which i actually did really well on, i'm proud of myself) AND while i was out getting them decided to get $60 worth of stuff for me. totally NOT OK. and i accidentally spent $45 on iTunes. and while the YMOYL philosophy is no shame, no blame, i don't think they're necessarily referring to purchases AFTER you're aware of where your money goes.
BUT i filled out the paperwork for tuition reimbursement from work today. but the bad news is i think they only reimburse 50% even though i thought i heard that they fully reimbursed when i interviewed. oh well. every little bit helps, i'm just glad they do anything at all.

speaking of which, so far i LOVE my new job. it took me 18 minutes to get there the first day, 20 the second, 30 yesterday (i left late so it's my own fault) and 15 today. going home is bad, though, with times of 30 min, an hour, 1:05, and 45 minutes, respectively. i think if i just either leave by 4 or after 6 it won't be that bad. or eat with someone near perimeter after i get off work. mom hinted she might want to meet me up there sometimes...i hope she does. more reasons i love my job: the people are DIVERSE! and even different ages! when i walked in my first morning, my computer was ALREADY SET UP and i had OFFICE SUPPLIES and a chair. and they brew starbucks coffee in their coffeemaker. and there are restaurants, many thousands of restaurants, nearby. and there's autocad 2007. and monthly breakfasts, and the occasional afternoon social gathering...

don't get me wrong, there are things this job doesn't have that my old one did, but overall i think this is a better fit. :)

i'm seriously considering moving nearer to work. but i LIKE midtown, and i LIKE being near tech for all the inevitable group projects we'll have to do. so i think i'm staying. unless, of course, the people in the apartment next door kill me...

it all started when i was studying in silence...until noises of people yelling and loud music erupted through my wall. at first i thought they'd realize how loud it was and turn it down soon. no such luck. thirty minutes later i'm TOTALLY distracted. *what happened next i am not exactly proud of, but oh well* so. i went over to my stereo (which was, conveniently, plugged in on the wall that loud people share with me), turned the speakers around so that they were TOUCHING the shared wall in question (because sound travels better through solids; i'm not an engineer for nothing) turned it on CD (which, conveniently, is holding godsmack at the moment), found the loudest, most bass-ey song i could, turned my mega-bass all the way up, pressed "play" and jacked the volume up so loud i could feel the air vibrating from across the room. i figured thirty seconds of that and they'd get the point. nope. i even waited after pausing it for a minute or two, hoping they'd realize they sucked. still nope.

eventually, they shut up (or left, because i think they're back--and noisy--again.) :/

i can see the light at the end of the semester tunnel. test tomorrow, project due wednesday, final the following monday. then i'll be DONE. and maybe on "warning" if i make a C. but with the last several things we have to do there's still 47% of our grade to be determined. so i need a B on the test.

gonna study and take nyquil now. ;)

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