Sunday, January 13, 2008

grin, et al.

i had a GREAT weekend. :)

we had to go try on bridesmaid dresses for lindsey's went ok. she picked one out that we all look decent in.

HOWEVER, upon realizing that i am the largest person in that wedding (and NOT BEING OK WITH THAT) i have decided that i am definitely going to start exercising again. if this isn't fate slapping me in the face and being like, "hey! get fit!" i'm not sure what is. i really miss being eighteen and able to eat an entire large pizza on a regular basis and not get any larger. sigh.

on another, more serious note, jennifer and i were talking (over some glasses of red wine) last night and APPARENTLY it is possible for (normal?) people to be sitting there all cool and stuff, and NOT THINKING ANYTHING. nothing. in their brains.


being thought in the brain.

um, what? first of all, i have NEVER achieved that state. ever. except maybe that one time when i was really drunk....oh wait, no, not that time either. thoughts only slow down in my brain if i'm drinking, and since i don't drink very often i don't think that counts. especially since they only slow then, not stop.

secondly, i thought i was normal in that regard (we all know that i'm not normal, but i had hoped in some ways i might be...i just thought brains were like that. full of thoughts. all the time. you know?)

so i concluded i have to poll everyone i know and see if, indeed, their brains are simply devoid of thoughts occasionally. just be forewarned, if that ends up being the case, you people will be turning my world INSIDE OUT. lol.

also? my clutch foot still hurts a little from thursday night.

and it should be noted that our trivia group can't win regular trivia to save our lives, but give us sex, drug, rock 'n' roll, and movie trivia and we get second. ha ha.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Sometimes when I ask Dan what he is thinking, he will say his mind was just blank. So who knows?