Friday, January 18, 2008


i accidentally clicked on the msn thing for the detroit auto show...and then, the amount of saliva in my mouth ACTUALLY INCREASED when i looked at the mazda furai concept. seriously, y'all. not actual drool, but if my mouth had been open it would have been.

ok. going to read the rest of the article now. be back soon on drool-worthiness (or rants)...

also yum, audi r8 diesel...though the black stuff on it is a little odd...unless it's carbon fiber and i just can't tell b/c the picture is far away, in which case it's all good.

EW! buick! ew!
(admittedly, it's not bad, but still. ew. buick.) and it looks like they're trying to make it look like a Z, at least from the angle of the photo.

ford verve, some other stuff. ho hum.

 RA concept looks interesting. if it's light enough it might give my car a run for its money. plus it looks awesome and has REALLY COOL DOORS. it would be even cooler if it were guaranteed to be reliable...

and that is all.

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