Sunday, February 10, 2008


so i get home today to find a car in my parking space. so i go up to the concierge to report them and get them towed. the guy asks for my name, the space number in question, type of car, then begins shuffling through all the parking records, looking uncomfortable. i'm all, "that's gotta suck." (the papers were very disorganized) which he replies, "they asked us not to tow people."

um, WHAT?

i asked who, and basically, the APARTMENT LEASING SHITHEADS STILL DON'T HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. fuckers. so they can tow ME if i'm in a spot for longer than thirty minutes but they can't tow people in MY spot. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHH. i am SO leaving this shithole when my lease is up. no more roaches, no more disgusting laundry room, no more teeny tiny kitchen, no more non-dishwasher, no more one room, no more INCOMPETENT FUCKERS, no more noisy asshole neighbors. (normally i don't hate it THIS much, today is just a bad day. i won't hate it this much tomorrow).

also? i got a speeding ticket this weekend. oh well. at least i'm on about a yearly schedule now instead of four a year. and by the time my insurance checks it again in june, three will have gone off and then just this one added, so hopefully it won't affect it much if any.

and narnia's being a bitch. she apparently STILL doesn't know who her sister is. god forbid ewok go to the vet. next time i'm going to fucking take them BOTH whether narnia has to go or not. cause this is just ridiculous.

ok. going to go calm down now. angry eyebrows do me no good. plus i'm sure they are unbecoming. plbt.

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