Wednesday, March 26, 2008

part rant, part random

i just want to move into my house.

work is killing me (i'm eating lunch right now).

school is also killing me: hw due friday that we just got yesterday, term paper due tuesday that i haven't started because i was catching up on homework during spring break last week, homework due next friday that will take FOREVER and is ridiculous, and i REALLY DISLIKE ONE OF MY CLASSES. and i have a project in that class that we HAVEN'T BEEN ASSIGNED YET and we only have 4 weeks of class left in the semester...

and i'm in the process of buying a house...what timing, huh. and i'll have to move april 18th/19th (i think).

yay stress.

however, i am EXTREMELY excited about the things i will have or no longer have to put up with in the place i currently call home:
-no more smell of cigarette smoke wafting in from other apartments at EIGHT AM. and five pm. and 11 pm. and, and, and, well you get the point.
-LAUNDRY CAPABILITIES without having to pay, do a bleach load first, or get weird spots on my clothing from shared dryers.
-a real kitchen
-a real bathroom
-more than one room
-space to put stuff
-places for guests to park
-no loud music at 11 pm on a weeknight when i'm doing homework or sleeping.
-the ability to paint if i wanted to

ok, done and have to get back to work.

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