Tuesday, May 27, 2008

more on willpower

i'm feeling somewhat refreshed from my weekend away. my cats aren't grating on my nerves quite so much, and i have some renewed motivation as far as finances and health. school is treading water in my pool of willpower. so right now, i am okay with where i am.

this week i plan on starting to clean and pack my apartment, finish my two schoolwork assignments, and resume eating better (this weekend was bad as far as healthy eating, but definitely restorative. and although i ate a lot, for the most part it was seafood, which is healthy, right? never mind the butter to dip the crab in lol....)

i also have to get the documentation together for refinancing my car loan at a lower interest rate for less remaining time (yay!) and getting the lower interest credit card.

busy week. i'm feeling purposeful for a change, instead of unmotivated and slothish. :)

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