Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my awful, no-good, terrible, very bad day

or two days. whatever.

so my grandmother died yesterday at 4:15 am. i didn't go back to sleep. went home last night and helped mom wash sheets/make beds/clean mimi's house a little so family can stay there for the next few days. you will find no details of that here.

got home last night around 10:30. crashed. didn't want to wake up this morning. duh. had to come to work for a half day because there's a lunch meeting that if i don't attend, will cause hardship on other people and i didn't really want to do that. get to my car this morning and realize it's been keyed on both driver side doors in one long line. no camera aimed at my car, so i'm just fucked and can't/won't pay the money to have them repainted right now. cry in sheer frustration on the way to work, get unusually frustrated at fellow drivers. (unusually even for me, which was really bad. it didn't help that traffic was worse than normal). get to work.

finally get in touch with my apartment people re the fact that i accidentally paid rent (exorbitantly-overcharged-month-to-month rent) TWICE because the statement no longer said autopay, but then they auto deducted it anyway AND are cashing the check. so get in touch with them finally, and find out i have to fax the debit people proof that i have money in my account (hello? i HAD money till YOU TOOK IT OUT FOR RENT, why should i have to prove that i have money for you to put it back in??) in order to get it refunded. type letter, print proof, go to fax machine only to find it NOT WORKING. get computer guy to come fix it (after getting snapped at by other guy at work who someone told me would fix it).

i want to cry and curl up in a ball on my bed under the covers and not see anyone/do anything/have my shit fucked up for the rest of my life at this point. and i still have to go to the meeting and then drive to carrollton after. joy.

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