Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so, where was i?

so i haven't updated in a while. go figure. life does that sometimes. :/

anyway, let's see...relevant info for your reading pleasure:

-i chopped off my hair. it's great. i don't eat it accidentally now, or roll it up in the car window. i'll post a pic at some point.

-still don't know about the house. seller calls the bank daily, listing agent does too, still nothing. i'm beginning to wonder if i should look around at other options.

-my summer class started on monday. i think it'll be ok. (and, just in case you didn't know, i got B's in BOTH CLASSES! YAY!)

-i'm behind on basically everything--housework, packing, organizing, getting stuff together for the yard sale this weekend, simplicity name it. sigh.

-and the grand finale: i'm trying to eat fewer carbs.

NOTE: i was going to entirely cut OUT simple carbs, until i realized they were about 90% of my diet, so now if i must eat carbs i eat half of what i normally would or go for whole grain options. it's been interesting. i truly didn't realize how much of my diet consisted of white bread, pasta, sugars, and junk food until i started this. and lately i've been craving vegetables but don't have any clean dishes to cook them in. (don't laugh. it's true. i HATE dishes). i've also been drinking water sometimes instead of tea all the time.

not much of an update, i know. sorry. that's all, folks.

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