Monday, May 19, 2008

twitterlicious and stuff

so, i got twitter. i'm not really sure why, but maybe i'll be important someday and people will follow me! ha.

going down to savannah this weekend with my mom and sister. i plan to see how much wine i can get my (MORMON) sister to consume...but hopefully not fracture her hand smashing a palmetto bug this year. (and, just in case you wondered, the correct pronunciation of palmetto bug is: pal-METTUH buuug. just draw out the "uh" sound in bug to sound more correct).

so, have i ever told y'all about the words i make up? no? okay.

ruckified: of or having to do with a ruckus.

ruckification: the process by which a thing becomes ruckified.

then, there are the words i didn't necessarily make up, but use a lot.

shit ton. so what if it's two words? it means a LOT of something, an assload, whatever. i.e., "i sure do love you a SHEEUT-TUHN, baby."

oh! hey! i might actually close on my house this month! (MAYBE)...the house that started the whole short sale process a couple weeks before mine got approved on thursday, so i'm hoping mine will be approved in the next two weeks....cross your fingers, y'all!

um, also? my ankle hurts and i don't know why.

and, a little note to SOME PEOPLE. who will never read this anyway:

when you think you're god's gift to engineering, and i'm just a stupid STUDENT and GIRL, i'm looking at you, feeling sorry for you because you aren't capable of actually listening to anything i have to say to know if i'm smart or stupid. SHUT UP and LISTEN and maybe, just maybe, you'd realize some things. harrumph.

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