Thursday, July 24, 2008

Financial Frustrations

I've been using for almost a year, and it's been great--UNTIL today, when I noticed that nearly ALL of my transactions from when I began using it (last October) up until recently (April) are duplicated at least once, sometimes twice. Apparently, Mint would download transactions from my Suntrust account, INCLUDING the pending ones that just showed up as Check Card Transaction or ATM Withdrawal (whether it was actually ATM or not, which it usually isn't b/c I rarely use cash). Then, AFTER they weren't pending anymore, it would download them AGAIN with the real merchant name and category. I can't really figure out how to fix this, especially since sometimes when I click to "exclude from Mint" it doesn't actually exclude it. Not to mention that it is a royal pain in the ASS to look for all the restaurant charges that pended as one amount, then pended as another amount (bill plus tip) then finally went through with the tip amount.

I'm thinking about cancelling, because I keep track of all my expenditures/earnings in excel anyway, and who needs fancy charts and graphs if they're WRONG? I guess it might still be good as far as tracking your daily balances on credit cards/investment accounts/savings/checking/loans, but i can just go to their websites to do that.

What's the point of an "easy" software if it's actually more of a pain in my ass than manually entering everything into excel?? Geez. GAH.

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