Tuesday, August 05, 2008

for god (or, you know, whoever) and the world to see

i read the simple dollar today, and decided that my "gazingus pin" is clothes...i splurge on clothes WAY more often than i should, and it's not good. i wondered exactly how much, so here goes...

the rationale behind the splurges usually goes something like this: "my work clothes are old...and unfashionable...and my office is pretty trendy...and you never know when you will or won't find stuff that you actually like...so i should get this now while i like something in the store!"


i realized today while thinking over the "gazingus pin" idea that i have spent (brace yourself) $1,751.48 on clothes over the last 19 months. (not including the approximately 100 bucks still on my banana republic card, or any clothing that went onto credit cards the first half of last year. i can't remember if i had quit using the credit card at that point or not). Mostly at banana republic and target. dudes, that is 92.18 PER MONTH. a used car. part of an emergency fund or a down payment on a house. 44 meals out. EIGHT MONTHS of groceries. or, nearly a week of life energy. 146 hours. one hundred forty six hours of my life working to pay for CLOTHES.

oh my lord. i am disgusted and horrified at myself.

hey, at least i have lots of cute clothes (1751.48 dollars worth!) to wear for the next year while i DON'T BUY ANY FREAKING CLOTHES. grimace.

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