Monday, October 09, 2006

and i thought two weeks ago was bad

so this week i have a lot of stuff due, including an 8-10 page paper on the french/haitian revolutions and how they're related and what we can conclude from that. quite frankly, i could care less about how they're related and what i can conclude--i just want to graduate. something tells me my paper probably won't be the best in the class.

i'm also taking the GRE november 8th. and i probably need to study. sigh.

on a better note, my interview on friday went well (i think) and i'm REALLY hoping they give me an offer this friday (they said they'd call me in one week either way). so now i have to get into grad school at tech (!); find somewhere to live by the time i START grad school so i don't have to commute from c'ton, work, go to school, then commute home; and hope and pray they give me an offer.

i'm looking to live anywhere between c'ton and downtown (downtown would be a LOT easier but a LOT more expensive) in a cheap apartment WITHOUT a roommate. no more conflicts with my clutter and other people's various issues. i'll prolly try for graduate housing at tech, but i'm not sure i can do that if i'm not taking a full load of classes.

all this has to happen while accomplishing my schoolwork. i'm not sure what i was thinking, taking finite elements. in some ways i wish i hadn't, but in some ways it's pretty cool. i just wish our freaking computer lab was accessible 24-7 instead of puny hours and virtually none on weekends. maybe i'll start a petition. ;)

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